The Binge Brownie

The Binge Brownie


It's the worlds best brownie, believe us... we've tried them all! 

This has a gorgeous marshmallowey texture with a meringue like cripsy top. 

This Brownie comes in 9 large peices already cut and ready to savour. 


    Whole Wheat, Butter (from Milk), Egg, Sugar, Whole Milk Powder, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Skimmed Milk Powder, Palm Fat, Whey Powder (from Milk), Butterfat (from Milk), Emulsifier (Soya Lecithins), Vanilla Extract, Lactose (from Milk), Cocoa Powder*, Acidity Regulators (Potassium Hydroxide, Potassium Carbonates), *Rainforest Alliance Certified. 


    These brownies can be stored in an airtight container for 5 days.