Order Macarons Online

Delicious macarons bursting with flavour delivered straight to your door


Order Cookie Sandwiches online

Crunchy and soft, sweet and moorish. 
Pop them in the microwave for 10 seconds to release ultimate cookie bliss.


The SAVOUR. bakes would make a delicious addition to your wedding or birthday celebrations. Along with Macarons and Cookie Sandwiches we can also do cakes locally.


Always homemade, always delicious.

SAVOUR. is an online bakery specialising in macarons and cookie sandwiches for people that want homemade, comforting food that also has a little luxury. 

As a brand, SAVOUR. is committed to using the best ingredients to create the most delicious products, as well as being aware of our social impact. Therefore, none of our products contain palm oil and all products are delivered in packaging that can be recycled. 

There are big plans for new treats, so keep your eyes peeled on our Instagram page below...

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